How To Install Windows 11 without a Microsoft Account

How To Install Windows 11 without a Microsoft Account

By default, you must have (or create) a Microsoft account in order to install Windows 11 Home  (and versions of Pro that are build 22H2 and up). Though Microsoft accounts are free, Microsoft's tactic to force you to use an account is plainly wrong. 

Maybe you want to use a local account because you are installing Windows 11 on a child's PC or on a PC that you plan to sell, give to a friend or donate to a charity (without giving other people access to personal data). Or perhaps you just like your privacy and don't want to create an account with Microsoft in the first place.

Whatever your reason for doing so, there's a relatively easy way to install Windows 11 without using a Microsoft account. We should note that Microsoft is trying to make it more difficult to set up a local Windows account so our instructions, shown below, have changed a bit recently.

There's a simple trick for setting up a local account that involves issuing a command to keep Windows from requiring Internet to install and then cutting off Internet at just the right time in the setup process. However, you can also prepare your install disk using Rufus, which removes the login requirement, a process we document further down this page. 

If you've already downloaded and created a Windows 11 boot disk with Rufus or otherwise, follow these steps to set up without a Microsoft account.

1. Follow the Windows 11 install process until you get to the "choose a country" screen. 

Now's the time to cut off the Internet. However, before you do, you need to issue a command that prevents Windows 11 from forcing you to have an Internet connection.

2. Hit Shift + F10. A command prompt appears. 

3. Type OOBE\BYPASSNRO to disable the Internet connection requirement. 

The computer will reboot and return you to this screen.

4. Hit Shift + F10 again and this time Type ipconfig /release. Then hit Enter to disable the Internet.

5. Close the command prompt.

6. Continue with the installation, choosing the region. keyboard and second keyboard option.

A screen saying "Let's connect you to a network" appears, warning you that you need Internet.

7. Click "I don't have Internet" to continue.

A new login screen appears asking "Who's going to use this device?"

8. Enter a username you want to use for your local account and click Next.

9. Enter a password you would like to use and click Next. You can also leave this field blank and have no password, but that's not recommended.

10. Complete the rest of the install process as you normally would.

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