How to check your memory for errors in Windows 10

How to check your memory for errors in Windows 10

Quickly Check RAM Performance With Windows 10 Memory Diagnostic Tool

Windows 10 comes with primitive tools, if you have used them in the past, then you will be familiar with most of the options and interface.

Among those several functions, we have a RAM or Memory diagnostic tool, which enables you to dig deeper into the RAM performance and gives you accurate information about the RAM health.

But, how to check it? How to use it? Where to find it?

We are here just for that, let us guide you the right path.

*1 Memory Diagnostic Tool

Step 1: Close all of the existing programs in the Taskbar to begin. End every program in the taskbar, or else you might lose data or have a non-functional program after you restart your PC.

Step 2: Go to your search bar and enter “Control panel” or you can find it on the Start option.

Step 3: The first result will be “Control panel, ” and you have to open to proceed to next step.

Step 4: In the snapshot, we have provided, your control panel may be a little different, but the options will remain the same, so do not worry about the interface differences.

Above on the right corner, you will find the search bar (Any build-version).

Step 5: You have to type “Memory” and hit “Enter.” These are the options you should be seeing in the control panel, right now.

Step 6: Now, pay attention to the second option called “Administrative Tools – Diagnose your computer’s memory problems.”

Step 7: You have to click on the option, and you will have a pop-up in your Window.

Step 8: In the Window, you have two options “Restart now” and “Check next time when I start my PC” close all your programs when choosing the first option.

Step 9: You computer will restart and make sure you are not manually restarting when it looks froze in between.

Step 10: The traditional blue screen version look can be seen, it will bring back memories as well. You will have two options,

  1. ESC – ESC is also known as Escape, a key you can find on your keyboard you can cancel the process anytime by using ESC.
  2. F1 – If you are looking for advanced options, then you will all of it by clicking F1.

Step 14: In the “F1” options, you will find several options, which we suggest you keep out unless you are sure of what you are doing.

  1. Test Mix – This options will enable you to test all essential aspects, which will determine the average performance of the RAM.
  2. Cache – Do not mess with it because you may have inaccurate information.
  3. Pass count – It’s not an option, but it does give you an insight information on how many tests did the RAM has passed till now.

You have three option mentioned at the bottom,

  1. TAB – If you want to go to “Next” click on TAB button on your keyboard.
  2. F10 – Any changes you make on this page, you can click on “Apply” to proceed.
  3. ESC – Cancel, it will end the process and restart your PC regularly.

Note: By using the ESC button to end the testing tool in the middle of the process won’t hurt your PC in any manner.

Duration: To complete the two steps test, it will normally take 15 minutes to 30 minutes.


Let us know if you detect any errors, and thank you for taking the time to diagnose the issue yourself!

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