Welcome to Dream PC Community Forums

Welcome to Dream PC Community Forums

Welcome to the Community forums

You can post 4 types of content within our community. These are Discussions, Questions, Problems and Ideas. Each of these serves a particular purpose.


When you have something to discuss with you, you can post a discussion within our community. It's a great way to debate and collaborate.


You can ask specific questions about PCs, gaming, creative work or anything computer related really. Others can answer these questions right there and earn their respect. You can also mark questions as 'answered' and keep the community organized.


Problems are issues that you can ask the community for help with. Please describe the exact problem(s) you faced and the community will try to give actionable insights. If you need technical support from Dream PC staff, we may convert the 'problem' into a support ticket and even keep you updated on its status.


Ideas posts are a great way for you to provide feedback to us about what you would like to see here, on our Discord or on our website. Other members can vote on the ideas and let there be real democracy within our community.

We hope you enjoy your stay here. Please lets keep this community a safe and useful place for everyone.