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How to re-set your BIOS to Dream PC Defaults

If you are having issues with crashes in Windows, sometimes it is good to go back to its roots with the default BIOS set up we place in from factory.

Simply resetting the BIOS is also a way to get a crashing machine back to normality but you are likely to miss out on some key performance enhancements such as XMP/DOCP profile, AHCI mode storage and Secure Boot.

We save these settings into a profile on each computer we manufacture so you can rely on us always having your back when it comes to tinkering-gone-wrong, or simply a base starting point for troubleshooting a deeper issue.

Here is how to go back to our default profile:

Turn on the computer and as soon as the numlock LED illuminates on your keyboard, press the DELETE key. This will invoke the BIOS menu.

Click on the Tool tab in advanced mode. Then click on Asus Overclocking Profile.



Here it will list Profiles 1-8. Profile 1 would typically be called "Dream PC". If you ordered an Overclocked computer there will be another profile called "Dream PC OC"

We will need to scroll down where it says Load from profile, you will see a grey box with the number 1 already in it, click on this and hit enter.


Once you have loaded the profile, press F10 to Save & Exit. Press Enter to proceed.

The computer will restart and re-enter Windows. 

Get in touch by logging a ticket with us if you still encounter issues after loading this profile.