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How to activate Windows on your new Dream PC

You have just received your new PC and as you eagerly connect it to the internet, it asks you to activate Windows...

Where is my Windows license key?

As an authorised Microsoft OEM partner, we are required to include a Windows key with every purchase. We do this by sticking a little Microsoft license key sticker on the side of the chassis. Usually, we'd stick it on the right hand side of the case (looking from the front of the PC). 

Like this:

How do I activate Windows?

Normally you would be prompted to enter the key found on this sticker. If you didn't get the prompt or you accidentally clicked ignore, you can get back to the activation screen by doing the following:

1) Click on the start button


2) Click on the cog to go into settings


2) Select 'Update & Security' 

3) On the sidebar on the left, select 'Activation'

Follow the link from there to activate Windows using the key provided on the sticker.

I get the following error on the activation screen

For this message, you will need to click on the "Change Product Key" option

Then you can type in your product key from the sticker on the side of your PC, or your retail Windows box key card.


Why wasn't this activated at the factory?

Microsoft require us to include the license key on the chassis but they also stipulate in their terms that activation is to be carried out strictly by the end user and the end user license agreement (EULA) is accepted also by the end user. That means we are simply not allowed to activate it on your behalf. 

I don't have a sticker on my PC

If you are unable to locate the sticker on your PC, first double check your order to see if it was included in your order. 

If it was included in your order and you believe you paid for a Windows license, please get in touch with us at support@dreampc.com.au to let us help you get up and running asap.


Thanks for reading and happy computing!