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No Display

If you start your PC and are not getting any display, this checklist may just help you get up and running.

Firstly some initial checks:

  • Check your monitor is on and lit up, ready to receive signal
  • Check your monitor 'input' or 'source' is set to the port you are using on the computer connection (i.e. HDMI / DP / VGA / DVI)
  • Make sure there is a maximum of 1 conversion in the mix - ideally use straight through cables rather than converting types of ports. Simplify as much as you can. (i.e. DP to HDMI - try to use DP to DP or HDMI to HDMI if possible)
  • Check connections both ends - PC and Monitor.

Next, confirm the monitor is plugged in to the graphics card, not the motherboard?

How to tell:
- The graphics card runs horizontally across the width of the back of the PC.
- The motherboard HDMI runs vertically and is located amongst the other I/O ports at the back.

As shown in the photo example here:

Please ensure you plug it into the horizontal plate at the back of the PC.